Berkshire Coach, Intelligent Luxury

ultra-42 Features & Options

Standard Features
  • Gerflor Gaya Wood Yellowstone
  • White Step Nosing
  • Black Walls & Soft Touch Ceiling
  • Driver & Copilot Running Boards
  • Valve Stem Extenders
  • 6.2” Touchscreen GPS/NAV/Bluetooth/Multimedia Player
  • PA System & Driver’s Handheld Mic
  • 19" LCD Monitors
  • USB Power Outlets
  • 15” LCD Flipdown Monitors
  • LED Interior Stepwell Lights
  • Blue LED Accent Lighting
  • LED Interior Passenger Lights
  • LED Exterior Lights
  • AUX Heater
  • TransAir AC System
  • Black Reclining Affiliate Seating
  • AC Ducted Hadley Overhead Luggage Rack with Reading Lights
  • Rear Door Electric Step
  • Black Emergency Roof Hatch
  • Panoramic Front View Window
  • Frameless Windows
  • Emergency Kit
  • Mud Flaps
Premium Upgrades
  • Custom Full Body Paint
  • Braun Century Lift
  • Double Wheelchair Door
  • Overhead Grabs
  • Double Ultra Lux Mid/High Foldaway Seats
  • Electric Plug-Style Entry Door
  • Underfloor Luggage
  • Restroom

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